Unit 3, Fishers Court,
Besson Street,
New Cross Gate,
London, SE14 5AS
Working nationally 

   Training and Achievements​​


  • Election to the Master carvers Association

  • City and Guilds of London Art School Higher Diploma in Post GraduateStudies, Architectural Stone Carving​

  • City and Guilds Advanced Craft Stonemasonry, (Weymouth College).
  • City and Guilds Craft Certificate in Stonemasonry, (Weymouth College).
  • Weymouth College Diploma in Carving.​

  • The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, Scholarship Award.
  • Work displayed in The 47th and 49th Annual Exhibition of The Society of Portrait Sculptors
  • The Worshipful Company of Masons, Scholarship Award.
  • The Knights of the Round Table, Scholarship Award.
  • The DeLazlo Foundation, Scholarship Award`
  • CSCS registered, Heritage skills industry accreditation- Stone Mason. Gold card holder.
  • Listed on The Crafts Councils index of Registered Makers.


· ​​​ Ornamental stone carving

·  ​Architectural sculpture ​​

·  Stone masonry​

·  Sculpture repair

·  ​Figurative sculpture and modelling  ​

·  Portrait carving, and modelling  ​

·  Tracery​

·  Stone conservation  ​

·  Re-pointing ​

·  Cills​

·  Headstones ​

·  Monumental & memorials

·  ​Heraldry

.  Small scale steam cleaning



James kirby, Restoration Stone Carving

Restoration Stone Carving Limited

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