Most sculpture can be improved with gentle cleaning or replacement  of missing fingers, and limbs. 

Broken original parts of the sculpture can be reattached with resin and stainless steel dowels. Or if missing, new parts for the statue can be carved from appropriate materials, and attached to the main body of the damaged sculpture. 

I specialise in ecclesiastic sculpture, and studied figurative modelling and carving, along with classical and gothic drapery, at The City and Guilds of London Art School

I can repair sculpture manufactured from most traditional materials. Plaster, bronze, resin etc. Except terracotta, which can be problematic, because of the shrinkage of the terracotta when it's fired. Making it extremely difficult to get the size of a limb or finger correct. Its best to make a resin replacement limb, or finger, and paint it to look like terracotta.

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